The Making of 'Don't Tease the Dragon'

Here are some of photos from shooting the video 'Don't Tease the Dragon' at Joverse! It was really fun! I sincerely thought we were shooting a movie :))) Storyline..different characters, looking at the flash light for HOURS, repeating scenes over and over again. WOW. Quite an experience.

Special Thanks to Joverse, Julian Prince, Michael Killam for accommodating us. Marc-Andre Manseau- the videographer made sure everything ran smoothly with the shoot. Marc-Andre YOU ROCK!! The Make-Up & Hair Stylist Catherine, My Dance Instructor Suaad Ghaban, My Love Interests (yes interests;) Alex Mehran and Bebo Tranquilo, the Production Assistant Tanya Sardana, Danny Rand the Bartender (faster than the speed of light:), all the Extras on set. A BIG THANK YOU! WE DID IT!!! <3