New Video Clip ‘Don’t Tease the Dragon’ is now out on Youtube and Vimeo!

The month of June 2014 was all about the making of the video clip (and the Grand Prix weekend activities of course). The summer in Montreal sends all of us to another place: lighter energy and more fun..and lighter energy and fun is exactly what took place during the video shoot at Joverse in the old port (Red Room was on Fiiire!!) with the owners Julian Prince and Michael Killam passing by to say ‘Hello Sexy, Do Your Thing!’).

The Video Graphers Marc-Andre Manseau and his team, doing their magic while Cathy-one of the best Hair Stylists & Make Up Artists of QC, made sure I looked..not so tired ;-).

The story line captivated everyone on site as things kept unfolding scene after scene, with the Extras coming in and bringing more life to the set with their dynamic energy (helped by shots of Vodka and Tequilas going around served by the funny and ‘craaaazy’ bartender DAN :)

The 2nd day of shoot took place in one of my favourite spots in the city. I couldn't have chosen a better spot to showcase one of Montreal’s symbolic spots: Place dArts with live Francofolie shows in the background. It was amazing because while we were shooting on my friend’s terrace, we could feel the energy of people from Place d’Arts.

It was an awesome experience. I would have not done it without the help of my videographer Marc-Andre Manseau, my Production Assistant Tanya Sardana, My Love Interests Alex & Bebo (Hahahahaaa!);  the whole team on set, the Extras, everybody at Joverse, my dear friend Ash and his wonderful family who let me use his space and terrace, my friend Steve who’s always there for me, and ALL of MY FANS who appreciate and support me!!. Enjoyy the video..The Dragon has Now been Teased ;)

Watch now on YOUTUBE or VIMEO